Opening Night

The Rocket

Opening Night: Waterworks Cinemas

Austraila | Kim Mordaunt | 2013 | 96 min

Set against the lush backdrop of rural Laos, this spirited drama focuses on a scrappy ten-year-old named Ahlo and his family.

A Perfect Man

Opening Night: Harris Theater

USA/ Netherlands | Kees can Oostrum | 2013 | 95 min

Acclaimed actor Liev Schreiber plays a philandering husband who unknowingly falls back in love with his wife, played by Jeanne Tripplehorn when she pretends to be another woman.

The Girl From the Wardrobe

OPENING NIGHT: Regent Square Theater

Poland | Bodo Kox | 2012 | 90 min

A surreal fable of sorts, this drama explores what happens when a man strikes up an unlikely friendship with a beautiful, mysterious, neurotic woman.

Director Bodo Kox is scheduled to attend.


OPENING NIGHT: Melwood Screening Room

Serbia/Montenegro/USA | Meerkat Media Collective | 2013 | 88 min

It's so lively and infectious, you'll be dancing in your seat!

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