All tickets are available in advance through up until two hours before showtime.
Remaining tickets will be sold and Six-Pack admissions accepted at the door one half-hour before showtime.

All Opening Night films, includes gala party at 477 Melwood: $15.
Gala Party Admission: $10 at the door

Single ticket for regular films: $9 thru; $10 at the door.
Children’s tickets (under 12): $5.

Most microcinema programs: $5.
“The Nightingale Presents” microcinema, includes brunch: $10.

Special Event
“The Closed Circuit” (Nov. 14 screening) with party: $15.

Closing Night film, includes outdoor reception: $15.

Six-pack Pass (good for six regular films): $50.
The Six-Pack Pass is $50 (good for six regular admissions, not special events).
Six-pack passes can be purchased at all three theaters, or at Filmmakers offices in Oakland, during regular business hours.
Six-Pack Passes are not available through ShowClix.

Please note: No phone orders are being taken at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Select shorts with feature films

In addition to the Competitive Shorts Program, we have selected 8 short films made by local filmmakers, that will precede some of the feature films in the festival. See each feature film’s description for the day, time and theater of screenings.

The short films are:

White by Lucas Omar, plays before Go Down Death

Emmett Frisbee presents: Pittsburgh by Christopher Smalley, plays before Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

Tear It Up, Son! by Ross Nugent, plays before House with a Turret

Gas Rush Stories: Renewable Energy Experts by Kirsi Jansa, plays before Idle Threat

Motor City Monorail by Adam Paul Amrhein, plays before Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer

The Rich Coast by Michael Maraden, plays before The Last Time I Saw Macao

Master Visual Artists: Mark Perrott by Gretchen Neidert, plays before Braddock, America

Emak Bakia by Man Ray (live accompaniment by Lungs Face Feet), plays before The Search for Emak Bakia


This year 3RFF offers five separate microcinema events around the city. The emergence of microcinemas in virtually every city across the country is a growing phenomena that fits squarely in the DIY movement. The screenings tend to take place in non-traditional spaces with limited seating. Many are run by non-profit groups, such as collectives or maybe just a passionate group of friends who enjoy offering a variety of alternate film and video programming to small audiences. In fact Pittsburgh has a rich history of microcinema exhibition, from the inception of Pittsburgh Filmmakers, to present-day gallery, pub, and house screenings. These uncensored programs offer an alternate way to view moving images. The five programs take place in five different locations. Presented in cooperation with Incite Journal for Experimental Media.

INCITE Melwood Screening Room, 477 Melwood Ave.
jORGONEson Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, 5006 Penn Ave.
The Nightingale presents..... at The New Bohemian, 887 Progress St., includes brunch ($10)
PERV The Shop, 4314 Main St.
Spectacle brillobox, 4104 Penn Ave.

Polish Cinema

We are again partnering with the Polish Cultural Council (PCC). They again have helped us bring five exceptional films to Pittsburgh. The titles are: The Girl From the Wardrobe, an opening night film at Regent Square (the film’s up-and-coming director Bodo Kox will present his film in person); Lasting; The Closed Circuit; Loving; and Papusza. The PCC will also host a special party (tickets: $15), November 14 at Melwood with director Ryszard Bugajski and actress Maria Mamona, from The Closed Circuit. We are grateful to PCC’s members, staff, and film committee for their assistance. Founded 75 years ago to foster coordination among the Polish fraternal, social and religious organizations, part of the Polish Cultural Council’s mission is to showcase Polish arts and sciences in western PA. For more information contact:

Vine Competition

How creative can you get in SIX seconds?

Dollar Bank and Pittsburgh Filmmakers are hosting a VINE short video competition during the 32nd Three Rivers Film Festival. This is all you do:

1. Download or open your already downloaded VINE app.
2. Follow the simple instructions in the app to create a 6-second long loop video using your smartphone – be creative, be original, have fun! (Try stop-motion, include original or handpicked audio, get crazy with props and settings, etc.)
3. Hashtag your video #3RFF2013 and email your VINE username to so that we may contact you if you win!
4. All submissions with the hashtag #3RFF2013 will be viewed and judged at the conclusion of the film festival and winners announced at the annual Competitive Shorts program on Saturday afternoon, November 23, at 2:45 p.m.

1st prize – Best overall original VINE -- a one-year PF/PCA membership!
2nd prize – Best 3RFF themed VINE -- 5 admit-one movie passes; good for regular admission to Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Theaters!
3rd prize – Funniest VINE -- a $20 Spak brothers gift certificate!

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