The Punk Singer

With live music from Brazilian Wax

The Punk Singer

USA | Sini Anderson | 2013 | 80 min

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Wed, Nov 13 - 7:30pm
Harris Theater

“That girl she holds her head up so high, I think I wanna be her best friend, yeah.” So go the lyrics to Bikini Kill's punk rock “Rebel Girl.” In the 90s feminist activist Kathleen Hanna was the very girl she sang about, and she spearheaded the Riot Grrrl movement, confronting sexism in the media. But she stopped performing when diagnosed with Lyme disease. This bio-doc about Hanna utilizes 20 years of archival footage – interviews with Le Tigre's Johanna Fateman, Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, Hanna's husband (and Beastie Boy) Adam Horowitz, and more.

With live music from Brazilian Wax.

Visit the exhibition "Alien She," on the lasting impact of Riot Grrrl on artists and cultural producers working today, at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University. The exhibit includes several zines, posters, music and other items from Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill, Johanna Fateman, and many more. On view through Feb. 16, 2014. Details: