A Perfect Man

Opening Night: Harris Theater

A Perfect Man

USA/ Netherlands | Kees can Oostrum | 2013 | 95 min

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Fri, Nov 8 - 7:15pm
Harris Theater

Acclaimed actor Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan, Wolverine, The Butler) plays a philandering husband who unknowingly falls back in love with his wife, played by Jeanne Tripplehorn (Big Love, Criminal Minds) when she pretends to be another woman. This off-beat romantic drama, set in Amsterdam, focuses on James, who is baffled by “what women want.” He finds the answers to his questions in an over-the-phone relationship with Nina. (You know James can't be all that bad, he has a cute dog.) But he's in for a big surprise when he finally meets up with Nina.

Ticket also includes admittance to the Opening Night Gala at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 477 Melwood Ave. Pittsburgh PA, 15213.