The Last Time I Saw Macao

The Last Time I Saw Macao

Portugal. France | João Rui Guerra da Mata| 2013 | 85 min

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Thu, Nov 21 - 9:00pm
Regent Square Theater

PLEASE NOTE: Monday screening has been canceled.

This wonderfully mysterious, shape-shifting feature is a detective tale that blends film noir, documentary footage and personal travelogue to intoxicating effect. With nods to Josef von Sternberg, Nicholas Ray, and the late filmmaker Chris Marker, the incongruous plot revolves around an unseen man who travels from Lisbon to one of the most multicultural and labyrinthine places in the world – Macao – a peninsula off the south coast of China. He revisits memories of the happiest time of his life.

With short: The Rich Coastby Michael Maraden.