Idle Threat

George Pakenham is scheduled to attend

Idle Threat

USA | George Pakenham | 2012 | 60 min

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Wed, Nov 20 - 7:00pm
Harris Theater

Idle Threat is co-presented with the Breathe Project

Can one man’s quest to make the world a better place for everyone to live in, really work? A self-described vigilante, George Pakenham, walks the streets of New York to stop what many see as a victimless crime: idling. What they don’t realize is how they are contributing to asthma air pollution and the oil crisis. In order to raise awareness, Pakenham goes door-to-door – that is, car door-to-car door – explaining to unknowing drivers that they are breaking the law when they idle for more than three minutes. He just wants the law to be enforced. The director is scheduled to attend.

With Short: Gas Rush Stories: Renewable Energy Experts by Kirsi Jansa.