The Girl From the Wardrobe

OPENING NIGHT: Regent Square Theater

The Girl From the Wardrobe

Poland | Bodo Kox | 2012 | 90 min

Watch Trailer (Polish Version) Feature Film has English subtitles
Fri, Nov 8 - 7:15pm
Regent Square Theater

Co-presented with the Polish Cultural Council

A surreal fable of sorts, this drama explores what happens when a man strikes up an unlikely friendship with a beautiful, mysterious, neurotic woman. Jacek works as a webmaster to support himself and his brother, Tomek who has “savant syndrome.” They have their own comfortable routine, but it’s broken when an elderly neighbor can no longer help with Tomek. Jacek turns to the new women in their building. This intimate, stylized story of three entirely different people, each alienated in some way, is told without hyperbole and plays out in an atmosphere bordering on the fabulous. Director Bodo Kox is scheduled to attend. (In Polish w/English subtitles)

Ticket also includes admittance to the Opening Night Gala at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 477 Melwood Ave. Pittsburgh PA, 15213.