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Life Feels Good

Maciej Pieprzyca | Poland | 2013 | 112 min

Based on a true story and transpiring during Poland’s social and political changes in the 1980s, this drama focuses on Mateusz, who yearns to connect with his family and friends despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy and unable to speak.

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Listen Up Philip

Alex Ross Perry | USA | 2014 | 108 min

Starring Elisabeth Moss, Jason Schwartzman, and Jonathan Pryce, this quirky comedy focuses on a prickly, egocentric writer who grouses about a deteriorating relationship with his photographer girlfriend and is indifferent about promoting his own career.

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Closing Matinee -with Alloy Orchestra

The Lost World

Harry O. Hoyt | USA | 1925 | 98 min

Made more thrilling with Alloy's score, it's a cinematic adventure not to be missed.

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