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In the Shadow of Women

Phillippe Garrel evokes the glories of the sixties New Wave in this beautifully lustrous black and white film about the ups and downs of bohemian life in Paris.

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Influenza is a story about the key events of the Wielkopolska Uprising of 1918 - a military insurrection of victorious Poles in the Greater Poland region against Germany, which granted the Polish insurgents additional territory. Steeped in wonder and mystery, this unconventional thriller merges fiction with historical fact, recalling themes of German Expressionist cinema.

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Oscar Entry, Guatemala


Inspired by interviews with Mayan people, Jayro Bustamante’s beautiful debut film is a moving drama that shows a world where nature is preeminent and rituals daily life. With an indigenous cast and the power of a classic fable, Ixcanul tells the moving story of a Mayan family living in the shadow of a volcano in the Guatemalan highlands.

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