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Hey Bartender

Director Douglas Tirola is scheduled to attend.

USA | Douglas Tirola | 2013 | 92 min

The cocktail is back! This true underdog story is about the renaissance of the bartender in this era of craft cocktails.

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

USA | Sophie Huber | 2013 | 77 min

An impressionistic portrait of an iconic actor, Harry Dean Stanton.

With short: Emmett Frisbee presents: Pittsburgh by Christopher Smalley

He Who Gets Slapped

Closing Night Film

With live score by The Alloy Orchestra

This silent rarely screened melodrama helped boost the careers of Lon Chaney, John Gilbert and Norma Shearer.

House With a Turret

Ukraine | Eva Neymann | 2012 | 79 min

Based on a true story by the writer who penned Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris.
Co-presented with Hoverla Ukranian American Film Festival

Short Before: Tear It Up, Son! by Ross Nugent