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Cemetery of Splendour

Soldiers with a mysterious sleeping sickness are transferred to a temporary clinic in a former school. The memory-filled space becomes a revelatory world for housewife and volunteer Jenjira, as she watches over Itt, a handsome soldier with no family visitors.

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Closing Matinee with Alloy Orchestra

Chang, A Drama of the Wilderness

Before they dreamed up the big ape, King Kong’s creators filmed this magical adventure of a Thai family struggling to survive against the forces of nature. Alloy performs an all acoustic score on flutes, one string banjo and all the sounds of the jungle.

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Winner: Home Range

Competitve Shorts Program

Each year space is devoted in the festival for a competitive selection of shorts – a program for artists working in film and video that allows them to creatively take risks, break new ground or challenge the viewer. This year we’ve selected 16 shorts from 100 submissions from local, national and international artists.

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Opening Night at Waterworks Cinemas


India's official entry to the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 2016 Academy Awards is a quietly devastating, absurdist portrait of injustice, caste prejudice, and venal politics in contemporary India.

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Opening Night at Melwood Screening Room

Crocodile Gennadiy

Crocodile Gennadiy shows an unnerving glimpse into a war-torn, post-Soviet Ukraine through archival video and footage shot by the Pittsburgh-based production team, Animal. Gennadiy Mokhnenko is a vigilante caught in the throes of a broken country who opens a rehab housing facility for drug-addicted kids he forcibly rescues from the streets of his city, Mariupol.

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