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2 Autumns, 3 Winters

France | Sebatien Betbeder | 2013 | 93 min

An unexpected funny tale of ennui and the transformative power of calamity, this French indie is a deliciously offbeat film from a promising young filmmaker.

The Animal Project

Director Ingrid Veninger is scheduled to attend the Nov 12 screening

Canada | Ingrid Veninger | 2013 | 90 min

This inventive new indie, which just premiered in Toronto, is about about a frustrated theater director (Aaron Poole), and what he calls his "misfit" troupe. They seem to have stalled creatively.

The Armstrong Lie

USA | Alex Gibney | 2013 | 122 min

For years, after seizing international fame as the cancer survivor who won seven Tour de France titles, Lance Armstrong fiercely denied accusations that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

Art of Life

USA | Kyle Holbrook | 2013 | 103 min

Co-presented with Moving Lives of Kids Art Center (MLK Mural)


France | Claire Denis | 2013 | 100 min

From one of the most-acclaimed filmmakers in contemporary cinema, Claire Denis (Beau Travail, White Material) brings her considerable skill to this story of murder and revenge with many twists and


Israel | Yuval Adler | 2013 | 100 min

Official Oscar entry from Israel

Blood Brother

Director Steve Hoover is scheduled to appear.

USA | Steve Hoover | 2012 | 92 min

The unmistakable power of love is celebrated in this story of one man’s decision to move to India and restart his life.


USA | Lance Edmands | 2013 | 90 min

In the frozen woods of an isolated Maine logging town, a mistake shatters the balance of the community, resulting in profound and unexpected consequences.

Braddock, America

Director Gabriella Kessler is scheduled to attend.

France/USA | Gabriella Kessler, Jean-Loïc Portron | 2013 | 101 min


Recently a French film crew came to Braddock (and North Braddock, Braddock Hills, Rankin, Swissvale, East Pittsburgh, Homestead, Duquesne) sensing that the fate of Braddock might well be the same for Western Europe.


OPENING NIGHT: Melwood Screening Room

Serbia/Montenegro/USA | Meerkat Media Collective | 2013 | 88 min

It's so lively and infectious, you'll be dancing in your seat!

Broken Circle Breakdown

Belgium | Felix van Groeningen | 2013 | 100 min

Elise and Didier’s relationship is wild and passionate. She owns a tattoo shop in a little Belgian town and uses her body as a canvas. He plays the banjo in a bluegrass band and idealizes America.

Camille Claudel 1915

France | Bruno Dumont | 2013 | 95 min

Juliette Binoche gives a mesmerizing performance as the brilliant sculptress, protégé of Auguste Rodin, and later his mistress, who, by 1915, was confined to a remote, church-run asylum for the mentally ill.

The Closed Circuit

The director and actress are scheduled to attend both screenings

Poland | Ryszard Bugajski | 2013 | 100 min

One of the highest-grossing films of the year in Poland, it’s about three young entrepreneurs of a high-tech firm who are accused of money-laundering by corrupt government officials.

Co-presented with the Polish Cultural Council.

Competitive Shorts Program 2013

Each year space is devoted in the festival for a competitive selection of shorts – a program for artists working in film and video that allows them to creatively take risks, break new ground or cha


Special Edition Film Kitchen

USA | Jeff Monahan | 2013 | 85 min

Special Edition Film Kitchen
7:00pm Reception / 8:00pm Screening

Cousin Jules

France | Dominique Benichetti | 1972 | 91 min

Now beautifully restored, this lost masterpiece was filmed over a five year period of time.

Cuba: An African Odyssey

Egypt/France/South Africa Jihan El Tahri | 2007 | 118 min

Co-presented by The Congolese Union of Pittsburgh & Friends of the Congo

The Deflowering of Eva van End

Netherlands | Michiel ten Horn | 2012 | 98 min

In this perfect blend of satire and sincerity, a dysfunctional family gets turned on its head when an exchange student moves in.

Drinking Buddies

USA | Joe Swanberg | 2013 | 90 min

Starring Anna Kendrick, Olivia Wilde, and Jake Johnson, this is a comedy guessed


USA/ Italy | Mike Malloy | 2012 | 126 min

Those violent Italian “poliziotteschi” films of the 1970s which, at first glance, seemed to be rip-offs of American crime films like Dirty Harry, Serpico, or The Godfather, were really addressing Italian issues like the Sicilian Mafia and red terrorism.

Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie

Director Seth Kramer is scheduled to attend

USA | Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller | 2013 | 90 min

Before entire networks were built on populist personalities; before reality morphed into a TV genre; the masses fixated on a single, sociopathic star: controversial talk-show host Morton Downey, Jr

A Field in England

UK | Ben Wheatley | 2013 | 90 min

Fresh from TIFF, this very original experimental thriller blends history and horror. Set in 1648 England, a small group of deserters flees the battlefront.

Fateful Findings

USA | Neil Breen | 2013 | 100min

It's “The Dead Zone” meets WikiLeaks in this low-budget, sci-fi indie – that already has a cult following.

A Fierce Green Fire

USA | Mark Kitchell | 2013 | 110 min

The first comprehensive exploration of the environmental movement, this empowering documentary spans 50 years of grassroots and global activism.

The General

With live score by The Alloy Orchestra

With live score by The Alloy Orchestra

A highlight of the silent era, this adventure, set during the Civil War, is based on a true story.

The Girl From the Wardrobe

OPENING NIGHT: Regent Square Theater

Poland | Bodo Kox | 2012 | 90 min

A surreal fable of sorts, this drama explores what happens when a man strikes up an unlikely friendship with a beautiful, mysterious, neurotic woman.

Director Bodo Kox is scheduled to attend.

Go Down Death

Producer Vanessa McDonnell & Director Aaron Schimberg are scheduled to attend.

USA | Aaron Schimberg | 2013 | 87 min

A wry, sinister depiction of a strange new universe, this super-indie is a melange of macabre folktales from a fictitious poet.

With short: White, by Lucas Omar.

Go For Sisters

USA | John Sayles | 2013 | 123 min

It's always good to catch up with independent cinema pioneer John Sayles – known for his films with a strong sense of place and richly defined characters.

Grave of the Fireflies

Japan | Isao Takahata | 1988 | 90 min

Re-released for its 25th anniversary, this profoundly beautiful anti-war film is praised by critics around the world as a masterpiece.

Co-presented with Remembering Hirosima, Imagining Peace

Hey Bartender

Director Douglas Tirola is scheduled to attend.

USA | Douglas Tirola | 2013 | 92 min

The cocktail is back! This true underdog story is about the renaissance of the bartender in this era of craft cocktails.

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

USA | Sophie Huber | 2013 | 77 min

An impressionistic portrait of an iconic actor, Harry Dean Stanton.

With short: Emmett Frisbee presents: Pittsburgh by Christopher Smalley

He Who Gets Slapped

Closing Night Film

With live score by The Alloy Orchestra

This silent rarely screened melodrama helped boost the careers of Lon Chaney, John Gilbert and Norma Shearer.

House With a Turret

Ukraine | Eva Neymann | 2012 | 79 min

Based on a true story by the writer who penned Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris.
Co-presented with Hoverla Ukranian American Film Festival

Short Before: Tear It Up, Son! by Ross Nugent

I Used to be Darker

Please Note: Kim Taylor performance has been canceled

USA | Mathew Porterfield | 2013 | 90 min

This music-infused indie drama from the festival circuit, is about old problems, new beginnings, and lingering notes of the past.

Idle Threat

George Pakenham is scheduled to attend

USA | George Pakenham | 2012 | 60 min

Can one man’s quest to make the world a better place for everyone to live in, really work?

With Short:
Gas Rush Stories: Renewable Energy Experts by Kirsi Jansa.

Il Futuro

Chile/Italy/Germany | Alicia Scherson | 2013 | 90 min

Teenage siblings, Bianca and Tomas, are recent orphans and not sure how to navigate adulthood.

Ilo Ilo

Singapore | Anthony Chen | 2013 | 99 min

Set in Singapore during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, this delightful film chronicles the day-to-day drama of the Lim family.

Co-presented with Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival.

In Bloom

Georgia | Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross | 2013 | 102 min

A gripping and profoundly moving film, In Bloom is an official 2014 Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language film.

The Italian Connection

Italy | Fernando Di Leo |1972 | 95 min

This restored classic is loaded with gangsters and has an intricate revenge plot – it’s garish and ultra-violent – so, naturally it was an huge inspiration to Quentin Tarantino.

Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer

USA | Charlie Ahearn | 2013 | 81 min

Legendary street photographer Jamel Shabazz became a worldwide phenomenon with his portrait of the hip-hop generation in his book “Back in the Days.”

With short: Motor City Monorail by Adam Paul Amrhein.

jORGONEson presents...


Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

Originally founded in 1993 by Jeff Armstrong, Michael Johnsen and Greg Pierce, Orgone Cinema, a break-even motion picture exhibition group in Pittsburgh, held unique monthly shows of home movies, i

Kenneth Love presents

Director Kenneth Love is scheduled to attend

One of Pittsburgh’s most highly-acclaimed documentary filmmakers, Kenneth Love will present and discuss his new profiles of two Pittsburgh legends: Margo Lovelace and Thaddeus Mosley.

The Last Time I Saw Macao

Portugal. France | João Rui Guerra da Mata| 2013 | 85 min

This wonderfully mysterious, shape-shifting feature is a detective tale that blends film noir, documentary footage and personal travelogue to intoxicating effect.

With short: The Rich Coastby Michael Maraden.


Spain/Poland | Jacek Borcuch | 2012 | 93 min

Can a few seconds change our lives? A beautiful Polish couple fall head over heels in love during their summer holiday in Spain.

Co-presented with the Polish Cultural Council

Little Red

Director Tate Bunker is scheduled to attend on Nov. 16.

USA | Tate Bunker | 2012 | 83 min

In this gorgeous coming-of-age story, 11-year-old Ruth (nicknamed Red) sets out from her home in Milwaukee on a journey to Cumberland Island, Georgia.


Poland | Slawomir Fabicki | 2012 | 105 min

In this uncompromising portrait of a young couple, Marysia and Tomek have financial stability and a baby on the way. It seems that nothing is capable of disturbing their peaceful lives.

Co-presented with the Polish Cultural Council

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

South Africa | Justin Chadwick | 2013 | 143 min

Acclaimed British actor Idris Elba (The Wire, Pacific Rim) plays the legendary South African freedom fighter in this rousing adaptation of Mandela’s autobiography.

Moon Man

France | Stephan Schesch | 2012 | 95 min

In this refreshingly whimsical animated tale, a bored Moon Man hitches a ride to Earth on the tails of a passing comet and starts to explore the fantastical creatures and sights of a new planet.

Morning Star

France | Sophia Blondy | 2012 | 98 min

Starring Denis Lavant (Holy Motors), and musician Iggy Pop (Lust for Life) this wildly original film is set at a circus by the sea, where the wind is cold and the audience scarce.

Mortal Remains

Director Christian Stavrakis is scheduled to attend.

USA | Christian Stavrakis, Mark Ricche | 2012 | 95 min

Filmed in Pittsburgh, this docu-thriller focuses on the life, brief career, and mysterious death of Maryland filmmaker Karl Atticus – otherwise known as “godfather of the slasher film.”

My Neighbor Totoro

Japan | Hayao Miyazaki | 1988 | 86 min

The late Roger Ebert called this enchanting film “one of the five best movies ever made for children.”

Co-presented with the Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival.

No Horizon Anymore: A Year Long Journey at the South Pole

Director Keith Reimink scheduled to attend

USA | Keith Reimink | 2013 | 78 min

You think Pittsburgh winters are bad. Keith Reimink – who normally lives and works as a sous chef in town – travelled to the South Pole station during the austral winter, and lived to tell.

Nothing But a Man

USA | Michael Roemer | 1964 | 92 min

Presented in a restored 35mm print, this landmark independent film is set in the South during the turbulence of the civil rights era.


USA | Sean Dunne | 2013 | 131 min

Oceana, a small, once thriving coal-mining town tucked in the mountains of Southern West Virginia, has fallen victim to the fast-spreading scourge of the prescription painkiller Oxycontin.


Poland | Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzystof Krauze | 2013 | 131 min

Straight off the screen at the London Film Festival, this epic drama – five years in the making – about Roma poet Bronisława Wajs (called Papusza) evokes a lost way of life.

Co-presented with the Polish Cultural Council

A Perfect Man

Opening Night: Harris Theater

USA/ Netherlands | Kees can Oostrum | 2013 | 95 min

Acclaimed actor Liev Schreiber plays a philandering husband who unknowingly falls back in love with his wife, played by Jeanne Tripplehorn when she pretends to be another woman.

PERV presents...


The Shop

Also known as, Pittsburgh Extreme Radical Video (Kyle Van Noy, Gena Salorino, Michael Maraden, Scott Whiteman) PERV makes movies and shows them to small crowds.

Screening takes place at The Shop in Bloomfield


UK | Stephen Frears | 2013 | 95 min

Uplifting, moving, funny and heartfelt – this is movie audiences are falling in love with.

The Priest's Children

Croatia | Vinko Brešan | 2013 | 93 min

It's the 3rd highest-grossing Croatian film in that country since it achieved independence in the 1990s, and an audience favorite at film festivals.

Prince Avalanche

US | David Gordon Green | 2013 | 94 min

Starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, this is an offbeat comedy about two very different men painting traffic lines on a desolate country highway that’s been ravaged by wildfire.

The Punk Singer

With live music from Brazilian Wax

USA | Sini Anderson | 2013 | 80 min

“That girl she holds her head up so high, I think I wanna be her best friend, yeah.” So go the lyrics to Bikini Kill's punk rock “Rebel Girl.” In the 90s feminist activist Kathleen Hanna was the ve

The Rocket

Opening Night: Waterworks Cinemas

Austraila | Kim Mordaunt | 2013 | 96 min

Set against the lush backdrop of rural Laos, this spirited drama focuses on a scrappy ten-year-old named Ahlo and his family.

S#x Acts

Israel | Jonathan Gurfinkel | 2013 | 100 min

This provocative, pull-no-punches drama from the Tribeca Film Fest follows a 16-year-old girl named Gili who changes schools and decides to improve her social status by hooking up with the cool guy


USA | James Franco | 2013 | 90 min

Well-known actor, director, screenwriter, producer, teacher and author, James Franco directs this bio-pic about 1950s teen idol Sal Mineo during his final days.

Co-presented with Reel Q, Pittsburgh's LGBT Film Festival

The Search for Emak Bakia

Proceded by Man Ray's Emak Bakia with live accompaniment by Lungs Face Feet.

Spain | Oskar Alegria | 2013 | 84 min

In 1926, avant-garde filmmaker Man Ray filmed a cine-poem in the southeast of France, and called it Emak Bakia, which is a Basque expression meaning “leave me alone.” So filmmaker Oskar Alegria decided to embark on a playful exploration of that film and its title.

Short before:Emak Bakia by Man Ray with live score by Lungs Face Feet

The Servant

UK | Joseph Losey | 1963 | 113 min

Considered a ground-breaking Mod psychodrama in its day – with its jazzy music, disorienting camerawork, and constant use of mirrors

Co-presented with Reel Q, Pittsburgh's LGBT Film Festival

Shorts Before Features

In addition to the Competitive Shorts Program, we have selected 8 short films made by local filmmakers, that will precede some of the feature films in the festival. See each feature film’s description for the day, time and theater of screenings.

Select shorts with feature films

Sobre las Olas: the Story of Flamenco in the US

Director Carolina Loyola Garcia is scheduled to attend

USA | Carolina Loyola Garcia | 2013 | 100 min

Since the early 20th century, the art of flamenco has traveled to far away places, including the United States. Many have fallen in love with the deep song, the cry, the rhythm.

Steeltown Film Factory Event 2013

Steeltown Film Factory Winner: My Date With Adam

My Date With Adam

Steeltown’s 5th annual Film Factory event is an evening to celebrate the premiere of “My Date With Adam,” the 2013 winner, and to kick off the 2014 Film Factory Competition, a nationally recognized competition and mentorship program.

Stranger By the Lake

France | Alain Guiraudie | 2013 | 97 min

Sex, death, and loneliness are explored in this eerie thriller from Toronto's Fest (and winner of the Un Certain Regarde prize at the Cannes Film Festival).

Co-presented with Reel Q, Pittsburgh's LGBT Film Festival

A Touch of Sin

China | Jia Zhangke | 2013 | 129 min

Set in a rapidly changing China, the film follows four outcasts who channel their underclass rage into a bloody rampage.

The Truth About Emanuel

USA | Francesca Gregorini | 2012 | 95 min

Starring Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina and Kaya Scodelario (in a breakout performance) this poetic, psychological thriller from Sundance centers around Emanuel, an acerbic but sensitive teen who lives with her father and stepmother.

The Visitor

USA/Italy | Giulio Paradisi | 1979 | 101 min

Considered by many to be cinema’s most colossally bizarro achievement.


Turkey | Pelin Esmer | 2012 | 100 min

This lovely character study examines how our lives are determined by the past.

Co-presented with CMU International Film Festival Faces of Work

Zero Charisma

USA | Andrew Matthews, Katie Graham | 2013 | 88 min

Metal-loving gamer geek Scott lives with his ornery grandmother and works a lousy job at a donut shop.